lllooch store

“LLLOOCH” is a Russian brand of designer furniture and home accessories. “lllooch store” is a project, initiated to show products by young talented Russian designers and brands,
to help them find clients and participate in international exhibitions, raising awareness of designer products made in Russia.

“lllooch” (a ‘beam’ of light – in Russian) associated with energy, progress, inspiration and technology. The first three LLL’s are the encrypted initials of the brand’s founder,
Leonid L. Lozbenko.

The “lllooch store” showroom is located in “Havelwerke”, which is an old industrial territory undergoing a complete transformation. Oldtimer car enthusiasts, artists, designers, brewers and other creative thinkers have all found a spot in Havelwerke. The territory is located on the bank of the river Havel and has a private sandy beach for visitors - perfect for spending time in the sun or having a picnic.

“lllooch store” participates in DMY Berlin and hosts other private events and exhibitions. The showroom also provides a unique opportunity to taste rare craft beer
from around the world in the showrooms private tasting area operated by CraftZentrum Berlin.


Telegrafenweg 21, Berlin, Deutschland. U-Bahn: Haselhorst, U7.

For more information on visiting, please write to us:


(Visiting hours may be arranged by contacting us)